Interview with... FloodHounds

I will forgive you if you haven't heard of Floodhounds yet but hopefully that will all change in the near future. This band recently played a set at Radio Hud's Presents evening at The Warehouse in Huddersfield (find their complementary review HERE) and took a few moments out to answer a few light hearted questions for me.

Jack Flynn - Guitar/Vocals. Rhys Owen - Bass/Vocals. Lauren Greaves - Drum.

So guys great set, really enjoyed it. How did you come about as a band?

JF: Rhys and I played in a previous band together. Last year when we started out on this journey we needed a drummer. We went on a night out with some friends who introduced us to Lauren, who just so happens play drums. 

LG: And they haven't been able to get rid of me since.

Like a cat that you feed who keeps coming back!

LG: Yeah definitely!

How has the last year gone for you guys? Good reactions at Tramilines festival?

JF: The last year has been great playing some progressively bigger gigs. The frog and parrot gig for Tramlines was great, awesome crowd but we love that venue and know it well being local.

RO: Hopefully a few more of those gigs in the pipeline.

The 'Bare Bones' EP is really good. Are you following it up anytime soon?

JF: Yeah certainly, we're doing some studio recording soon so hopefully another EP out in the next few months.

Random question but i just noticed The Warehouse has board games available for people to play in the bar. What's your favourite board games?

JF: I think i'm an Articulate fan to be honest.

LG: Mousetrap! Classic!

RO: Risk.

Ok, so certainly enough to keep you going on a tour bus in the future then. Well, nice to meet you guys and I'm looking forward to your next EP as much as I'm looking forward to the next Star Wars film!

RO: Aww yes, you have to watch the previous six in chronological order before then though!

Already done it haha

RO: Fingers crossed no sign of Jar Jar Binks! No one is a fan of Jar Jar Binks!

Jase Hare