[Gig Review] MINT @ The Yardbirds, Grimsby, Tuesday 24th December 2015

Self-described as "music to make you kiss strangers", ‘MINT’ are riding high from Grimsby and are going to be forcing themselves into the limelight soon. The lads can't seem to stop gaining fans and that can only be a good thing. 

Grimbarians beware, having been picked up on the BBC Introducing radar in Humberside, 
I'm tipping these to be thrust from that level to a national one within no time, get on board quickly before they've left town and won't see Freshney Place for a long time.

I'm so glad that my hometowns music scene is encompassed by these guys aswell as many other talented boys and girls. I hope that this town gets back to being on the map for some wonderful sounding human beings, which funnily enough MINT have a tune about.

The fact i'm writing some of this review on Christmas Day shows that I'm prioritising this over pigs in blankets! If that's not a big enough show of dedication then i don't know what is.

'Jimmy' is a wonderful 5 minute, emotion full, ballad that threatens to drop every now and then, before the audience being allowed to sing along near the end without an 'Oooo' or 'Ahhh' in sight. Live performance of this just turned the screw even more for me that I best keep an eye on these lads progress.

I can't let my first proper review of these go by without mentioning Zak's hair! It's a glorious coming to life of Brain May and Mr Messy (of Mr Men fame) into full on Rock n Roll stardom. Don't get me wrong, if he shaved his head i'm sure they'd still sound great but we all know a great hairstyle in a band can add that little extra to a live thrashing on guitar.

Also see a cheeky interview with the lads HERE

checking them out is easy: do so at all the usual place below and make sure you add a little MINT to your audio diet.


All photo credit Joe Brumby

Jase Hare