[GIG REVIEW] I Heart Sharks @ Strom, Munich

All photos by Benjamin Brown
I Heart Sharks are back with new music. We were very excited to see the Berlin-based band on tour with their latest EP "Hey Kid", so we stopped by at their show at Munich's Strom.

After answering our (and your) questions at our pre-gig interview the band took to the stage at the small Munich club to perform a setlist containing their much-loved old songs and new ones - receiving a warm response from the Munich-crowd. Before going on tour, I Heart Sharks had offered fans the chance to have their say on the setlist - which a number of fans did! You can read the bands' reaction to the fan's wishes in our interview: HERE.

Unfortunately Munich's fans didn't show huge energy levels or a great desire to party - this was definitely not down to I Heart Sharks' performance as they managed to play in a energetic and exciting manner.
Singer Pierre beckoning the crowd on stage to sing and dance along amidst the band and their equipment, provoked the loudest reaction of the evening and was undoubtedly the highlight of the set.

I Heart Sharks are a fantastic live band and definitely worth seeing on tour. Combined with a more appreciative crowd, they'll help provide a fantastic night out.

Benjamin Brown