Having been blown away by their track The Zoo when I first heard it last year, it's been a joy to see Swedish/US band FEWS begin to get some great recognition for their jagged indie sound. Having just released their fantastic debut album Means, and fresh from performing at the prestigious The Great Escape festival in Brighton last weekend, the band are riding on a crest of a wave. I managed to catch-up with lead-singer/guitarist Fred (no surnames for now...) amidst all the excitement in FEWS-WORLD for some quick hits on the eve of their Uk tour.

Photo credit Emma Gibney
How exciting is it to finally have the album coming out? With everything that goes on behind the scenes with these releases, and the time it takes, I imagine you’ve been desperate to just get it out there?

Yeah definitely, i've been waiting for this for years now.

What kind of themes did you write about for the album? Is there an overarching thread?

Illness, love, death and parties basically.

You’ve got a bunch of tour dates/festival slots coming up to support the release- what can people expect from your live shows?

Alot of sweat. intense and sex-like shows. 

What’s the best venue you’ve ever played?

La Maroquinerie.

With everyone taping over the holes in their wellies and gearing up for festival season, what are your key festival tips?

Stay hydrated and don't be a dick.

Which artists are you really digging at the moment?

Bad Breeding, Basement 5, TVAM, John Maus, Pixx to mention a few.

Any guilty pleasures?

dog dog dog.

What is FEWS' spirit animal?

A rhino.

 If you could only listen to one album forever, what would it be?

Jonsi and Alex - Riceboy Sleeps.

Track 3 on ‘Means’ is called Drinking Games- which is your favourite drinking game?

The Pyramid. 

From an outside perspective, what’s the biggest WTF about British culture?

Your designs, like your sockets and showers. A real wtf thing.

Finally, who’s going to win the Euros? 

England or France really.

Wow. Wish I was as confident as you are...

FEWS play:
25 May – LONDON - Sebright Arms
27 May – MANCHESTER - Dot to Dot Festival
28 May – BRISTOL - Dot to Dot Festival
29 May – NOTTINGHAM - Dot to Dot Festival
02 Jun – READING – Purple Turtle
04 Jun – COVENTRY – Kasbah
13-17 Jul – DOUR – Dour Festival
15-17 Jul – LEEUWARDEN – Welcome To The Village Festival
22-24 Jul – TOPCLIFFE - Deer Shed Festival
19-21 Aug – BRECON  - Green Man Festival
FEWS debut album MEANS is out now on CD, limited clear vinyl and download and is available to pre-order now. 

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