Cardiff four piece, Bute, release debut single

'Can You Hear Me?' is the debut single of Cardiff four-piece, Bute, and is available to stream on all major platforms.  

Adopting the successful foundations of Britpop, Bute's debut single takes something old and makes it new. Refreshingly beefed up, the single takes it back to the good old days of rock n roll whilst still managing to sound like something that could take 2018 by storm. Opening with roaring riffs, it's instantly loud, in your face and something that even, rock god, Liam Gallagher would enjoy - it's that good. 

Missing all chances to slow the pace down, 'Can You Hear Me?" is a gripping debut smothered in thunderous drumming, organ shaking bass lines and ear piercing guitar chords; yet it's not too much. Without ever going too far, the quartet manage to keep the level evenly, but loud enough to make sure anyone can hear exactly what's going on. This is no nonsense, ballsy music that simultaneously bares all; no musician in the band is hidden. 

For a debut, you couldn't wish for much more. Within the space of three and a half minutes, it's quite clear that Bute are here to stay and wont be moving without a fight. Whether you like punk, rock n roll or indie music, this has it all. A successful release with a promising hint at more explosive releases in the future.  

Listen to 'Can You Hear Me?" below.