SPINN gear up for the Closeup tour this month

It's October, the month dedicated to Halloween, conversations about how quickly the year has gone, and, of course, the 2018 CloseUp tour.

Photo: Andy Hughes

Spread across four days in four cities, the CloseUp promoters are set to host a whole load of bands in Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds and London from October 25th to November 1st, with each gig costing £7 in advance. Included in the line ups are No Hot Ashes, Glass Peaks, Only Sun, and our heroes, SPINN - other bands, plus special guests, are also set to appear across the four nights.

Announcing the shows in August and the line ups just a few weeks back, Sam Tucker, founder of CloseUp, also announced that the shows would also be in partnership with the likes of Jagermeister, Ticketweb, Modern Sky and more.

Set to close the final night of the tour at the Lending Room in Leeds, we spoke to front man of
SPINN, Jonny, about the city, life on the road and service stations...

You're headlining the final night of the Closeup tour in Leeds. What's your favourite fact about the city?
I don't know any facts about Leeds other than the fact that my mate Liz lives there, so I guess that must be it  (feel free to tell me some facts if you come the gig) 

Do you have any tour essentials you've always got to have with you in the van or in the venues? Usually the rest of the band come in handy. That and a good book.

What advice would you give to the other bands featuring across the four shows about how to handle tour life? 
Never forget your toothbrush. Ask for a Tesco Meal Deal on your rider. HAVE FUN!

Lets talk about service stations. What's your views on them? Why are they such a special part of any travel journey? 
I'm a big service station guy, when you need a piss really bad and you see 'Newport Pagnell Services - 5 Miles' oh boy thats a treat. Yes I'll admit the food is somewhat overpriced, and the toilets aren't always great, but there's a strange sense of community that can be found in weary eyes of the other lost souls you see queuing for a McDonalds at quarter to five in the morning, somewhere just outside of Birmingham.

You feature heavily on Spotify's playlists, if you could create your own what would it be called and what music would it consist of? 
I have in fact made one, it's called Johnnys Jukebox and it's available on our Spotify under our Playlists. I only put the freshest tunes in it.

If you could walk on to the stage to any song at the Leeds show, what would it be and why?
We love coming on to Rock DJ, idk why, it's just our tune innit, we did an Oasis/Robbie mashup version the last time we  played Liverpool. So yeah, Rock DJ, bc we love it.

Have you ever gained an injury from your dancing? Do you warm up beforehand? When the world finally considers you a pro, would you rather appear on Strictly Come Dancing or Dancing on Ice?
i) Yes/ Once I banged my elbow and it went all creeky for a couple days, no fun. 
ii) No. I should though because ya boi gets sweaty.
iii) Strictly obvs Ice Skating scares me man. Blades + Slippy Stuff + Solid Surfaces = Disaster for somebody as goofy as me.

You tweeted "AHH" a few days ago (4th Oct), what sound describes how you feel right now about the Closeup tour?

You're also going to Tokyo to play some shows just before the Leeds date, do you think you will bring anything back? Whether it be lessons on culture or yellow t-shirts. 
Heres the thing, I like learning about culture and seeing the sights BUT YOU ALREADY KNOW IF I SEE A YELLOW TEE SHIRT I HAVE TO AT LEAST HAVE A LOOK. So in conclusion, I'm gonna come back w a yellow tee, a birthday present for my dad bc it's his B-day whilst I'm out there, and also the happy memories/experiences of travelling to friggin' JAPAN at the age of 20 of the back of something I started as a teenager.

 For our readers who don't know you, please describe who SPINN are using one line from one of your songs. 
The 'Woo' - at the start of Who You Are 

We agreed to asking ten questions so maybe you need to ask us a question...
What should I ask you?

A great closing question from Jonny - one we can never respond to. One that will leave you on the edge of your seats. One day we will find out what SPINN should have asked us, but today is not the day.

The CloseUp tour begins in two weeks with tickets available here. Check out the full list of dates and announced artists below.

Thursday 25th October - Castle & Falcon, Birmingham 
No Hot Ashes
Franko Fraize
Only Sun
Glass Peaks

Friday 26th October - Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, London
Franko Fraize
Only Sun
Special Guests

Tuesday 30th October - Shipping Forecast, Liverpool
No Hot Ashes
The JJohns
Franko Fraize

Thursday 1st November - Lending Room, Leeds
Special Guests
Glass Peaks