Gentry unveils double-A side release 'Disconnected / Something I Said'

LA-based performer, composer and producer Gentry has released his debut double-A side release ‘Disconnected / Something I Said’. His music has been described as joyful, infectious and unknowingly beautiful and his latest release only solidifies this. Taking influences from the likes of Prince and Stevie Wonder, Gentry nails his funk-laden colours to the mast.

Leading the charge is ‘Disconnected’, a soulful and innovative jam that juxtaposes soulful vocals against choppy synthetic and organic elements. It’s the perfect introduction to his music, highlighting his unique voice and eccentric, pop-tinged electronica sound. Maintaining the same colourful energy, ‘Something I Said’ displays another dimension to his non-conformist style. It’s honest, personal and unique, akin to a rollercoaster of emotions and sounds. Both these tracks attest to his strong voice and stellar songwriting, creating a positive soundscape that is sure to get Gentry on the path to the top.