[SOUNDS OF 2019] - #8 - Twin Wild

The Twin Wild lot returned in 2018 with a new EP, the "Alternative Sessions EP", which featured re-worked versions of some of their best tracks, with a new cut thrown into the mix, "It's Not Right But It's Okay". The release followed on from their dominating performance at The Finsbury back in October 2017, which was the very same gig that saw them announce new tunes for 2018.

When we first heard the teaser for the band's latest track I knew that it was going to be a big track, and it looks like I was right. "Bad Shivers" is the quartet's first stand-alone single of the past 12 months and comes after their warmly received "Alternative Sessions" EP. It's the band doing what they want and might I say, it's one of their finest pieces of work to date, I can't wait to hear more of their new sound.

Speaking about the track the band said - "Over the past few months we've been doing a fair bit of thinking, we've been going back and forth over the last 3 years, wondering what might have happened if we'd done things differently with everything that's happened. It's time to do things our way."

With Twin Wild going solo as far as releasing music goes, they've shackled themselves from any label and are now producing the music they want to, and what sounds fantastic too. 2019 will see them like they've never been seen before, and I am dead excited to see what they have in store for their fans.