SUGAFREE shares latest single "Blessing in Disguise"

SUGAFREE is an artist who is making waves in the North of Israel, and is currently recording his debut album. His latest track is titled "Blessing in Disguise" and is the second single lifted off his latest EP, "STORY". With his home country not being a hive of good news in the press and media, it is amazing to hear such delicate tracks coming out of a county in a troublesome part of the world.

It's a really relaxing track and has a almost midnight chill vibe giving it lots of atmosphere, intertwined into it all is some smooth piano keys, with the darker side of the track coming in the latter third. Here it gets glitchy, synthy and more electronic, but forgetting some acoustic guitar for good measure. If there's one thing SUGAFREE knows what to do it's to create ambient and atmospheric tracks very simplistically and efficiently.

So be sure to head on below and check out "Blessing in Disguise" and check out SUGAFREE's debut album when it drops.