Nashville's Mokita shares the intimate 'ICLYA'

Starting his musical journey with cues from the likes of John Mayer, Jackson Browne and Damien Rice, Nashville's Mokita fell for the summery flavours of tropical infused dance-pop and thanks to his natural affinity for songwriting, he quickly found himself releasing amongst the heavyweights of Armada Music.

He recently shared the single ICLYA, a warm and slow-burning indie dance lament, that nods to the songwriting tropes he picked up at the start of his career, fused with his more contemporary stellar production.
“This was one of those songs that kind of came out of nowhere. There’s this wild thing that happens when you fall in love where you reach this point where you’re like ‘I don’t think it’s possible for me to love this person any more than I do right now’... The idea and emotion behind this song was simple and so I wanted to keep the production super simple as well. I wanted people to be able to feel the emotions that I was feeling at the time”.

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