Thrillhouse share beautiful new single, "Lesser"

The Brighton based duo of Thrillhouse have recently shared their beautiful new single, "Lesser", hot off the heels of their debut single "One of These Days". The debut single got a lot of love from the likes of Radio X's John Kennedy and DJ's at the highly respected US based station KEXP as well as the lot at Amazing Radio in the UK.

"Lesser" is once again one of those tracks that will only project Thrillhouse even further into the public's conciseness. It's got a lot of 1980's vibes going on here with obvious hints to the likes of Television and Talking Heads with some vocal nods perhaps going towards that of Peter Gabriel. The driving drumbeat is simple but does a wonderful job to help the track keep it's pace up, with some brilliant guitar tones and synths draped all over it, and of course not forgetting those hazy-ish vocals.

The track is out now via Seymour Butz Records, and "Lesser" was recorded primarily at the band's home studio, and then completed at The Silk Mill, Staffordshire. We do love a bit of DIY when it comes to music, and Thrillhouse sound like the package already, imagine if this band was backed by a label, they could easily be the forerunners of the next phase in 1980's synth revival.

So quick, head on down below and check out "Lesser", if you're a fan of Talking Heads, White Lies and Television then this is right up your street. Don't forget to give them a follow on the socials and be sure to give the track some love on Spotify!