Gurba shares sun-kissed new single "Saw You There"

Hailing from New York City, Gurba has recently shared his dreamy new single "Saw You There", which is his second ever release, following on from his well received debut effort "Paperman".

The multi-instrumentalist/songwriter is heavily influenced by 2000's British based Art-Rock, and you can easily hear that with his approach, it sounds like if early 00's Radiohead decided to write "Pet Sounds" by The Beach Boys, there's just something so rich about this new cut from the NYC based artist.

This could quite honestly be the dreamiest track we've heard in a long time, with some effortless bass tones that shimmer above the sweet vocal hooks, the track is drenched in sun-kissed guitar lines and borderline psychedelic melodies.

If there is one thing you need in your summer ready playlist it's Gurba's fantastic single "Saw You There", sitting at just over the three minute mark this'll definitely be a track you'd want to revisit right away to take you back into that happy place. With Gurba currently ranked #3 in the Northeast Reverbnation Indie Charts, this'll just be the start for a songwriter who has a VERY bright future ahead of him, so hurry up and scroll down to give "Saw You There" a play and a love.