Opus Orange shares video for vibrant single "The Lucky Ones"

Opus Orange has recently shared the video for  his incredibly vibrant single "The Lucky Ones", which is lifted from the new album "Miles From Nowhere". It's their fifth studio album released - if you include their work on 'Original Soundtracks for motion pictures' - and their first non-OST album since 2016's "Anatomic".

Based in Santa Monica, California the project is lead by Paul Bessenbacher who's so far got well over 2 million Spotify streams and has 9 million plays on Soundcloud - not bad by any stretch of the imagination.

"The Lucky Ones" is a vibrant and upbeat affair with a glowing synth line that opens up the track before the vocals come oozing in. Paul is heard crooning the lines of... "so come a little closer / i need to feel you breathing" which showcases how intimate the song can get, with it sounding like a classic in the waiting.

The vocals remind of of Glass Animals mixed in with some of Kevin Parkers' psychedelic tones, "The Lucky Ones" straddles between psych-pop and synth-pop rather perfectly. It really highlights why Paul has had his music played on Sirius XM multiple times as well as getting some serious figures on YouTube - and let's face it, with music videos such as the one below fans flock to his channel when a new visual is uploaded.

The lyrics in the chorus go "We're the lucky ones / We're the lucky ones / We're the lucky ones..." and when you're listening to it you do feel lucky, lucky to be listening to something so majestic and so stammeringly beautiful.

The finale of the song is the highlight for me, soaring guitars, more haunting vocals mixed in with some synths that sound like they're taken right out of The Killers' catalogue - Opus Orange have struck gold with this track and shows off to everyone that they're an act that will be massive at some point. With his work being featured in national ads for Apple, Google, Samsung and Adobe there really is no stopping this fine songwriter who's clearly in his prime!