Trevor James Tillery shares relaxing new tune "Possessor"

Nashville's very own Trevor James Tillery has recently shared his relaxing new tune "Possessor", which is the follow up to his amazing track "Beg" and once again showcases how much talent this Nashville based artist.

"Possessor" has an ambient intro with some soft synth tones and almost Burial-esque sounding beats, with some raw and unapologetic guitar strokes adding to the atmosphere, there's also some brutally honest and emotive vocals washing all over it helping to push it even more into the stratosphere.

Trevor's vocals sound like somewhere in the middle of Thom Yorke's experimental sounding tones mixed with what you'd expect to hear from a Four Tet track, it's just laced with emotions and sonic textures that gives your ears something to fall in love with.

He's got love from the likes of Zane Lowe, Indie Shuffle, All Music, KCRW and a whole host of other music zines and personalities, there really is no stopping him. Simply put, it's five minutes of your life you'd want to live over and over again - Trevor James Tillery has once again created something honestly stunning.