Baby Queen shares visuals for new single "These Drugs"

Baby Queen has today shared the visuals for her brand new single "These Drugs", in a slight departure from her previous single this offering is more on the slow-jam side of things. 

However, the song still slaps and is once again getting us excited for an album release at some point.

Speaking about the new song (on an Instagram post) she mentions - "I was in a very bad place at the time… very depressed and convinced I wasn’t a good person and didn’t deserve good things. Life is different now. I’m happy. I’ve learnt that the antidote to my misery is gratitude and caring about myself even when I don’t want to, until it becomes a habit. It’s natural to look for escapism but there’s more freedom in working to build a life you like… and by that I literally just mean learning to love yourself. You, with all your scars and all your regrets, are home to an actual life! You’ve been through so much and you’ve come out the other side stronger because of it – it’s remarkable really. You’ve got to invite the sad parts of yourself in to have a tea party with you. Don’t ignore them and cover them up. If you don’t look at them, they’ll make themselves seen! You are so worthy of love and I hope that if you don’t see that yet, you will learn to in time."