Sleepy Soul unveils dreamy single "Outside"

Sleepy Soul has recently unveiled their dreamy single "Outside". As the track starts you're greeted by a keyboard that strongly reminds us of Metronomy's "The Look" but slowed down to fit in with the tone that Sleepy Soul has created.

Their tracks before this (and I guess after too) are all slow jams that help paint a picture of what sort of music the duo likes to listen to.

It's grand and bright, with just a dash of tingling guitar lines to tickle the music connoisseur in me. Towards the end of the single, there are some thick basslines that feel like they're kissing the insides of your head, so smooth and well mixed in the track.

With the band being just two years old they've managed to get a great back catalog, and having their tunes listed on Spotify editorials too also showcases how good they are. If you love this be sure to head to their page and play their tracks on loop!