Elektric Animals drops the infectious "Want You"

Bursting out of Colordao like a stung cheetah Elektric Animals have dropped their infectious new tune "Want You", but don't worry this review isn't just going to be animal-related comparisons. The track is sitting just at three minutes long but the band has packed it to the rim with gorgeous elements, such as the quirky electro intro, the hazy vocal lines that follow, and a very anthem-laden chorus.

In the aforementioned chorus, it showcases all of the band's elements at their most majestic, and once the chorus finishes you can hear the commanding vocals more prominently. The voice of Nick really grabs you at the throat and doesn't hold back, they're so damn anthemic we can't but help feel like this track would be a staple of their live sets once live music re-starts.

If you love the sounds of Glass Animals, Royal Blood, and big-brass festival-ready anthems then "Want You" is the tune for you! It's not the first time we've fallen in love with one of their tracks, and I'm sure it won't be the last.