Darrian Gerard unveils "Festival", a perfect glimpse into her sound

Hailing from British Columbia in Canada, Darrian Gerard is a rising star on the Canadian scene and if you've not heard of her sugary indie-pop tunes before then this is a perfect place to start.

What Canadians do very well is vocals, and here Darrian is one of those vocalists that commands a song throughout, with a moment of the tune sounding like Avril Lavigne - which comes as no surprise when we found out that Avril is one of her influences. 

Speaking about the new single Darrian mentions - "I wrote this song when I was living in Australia after I attended a festival. I remember being a bit intoxicated, watching a cool Aussie artist perform her set with her band. This song was a turning point and a realization for me that if I didn't go for my dream in music and take that massive leap, I would forever be the one in looking up at the artist rather than the one looking out at everyone on stage."

With other influences coming from the likes of blink-182 it's no wonder why "Festival" has a pop-punk undertone, but with some sugary guitar lines draped with glistening synths. With love from several blogs and radio stations already the sky is the limit for this bright new rising star from Canada.