Fanfickk shares atmospheric new single, "Summer Sun"

Coming all the way from Melbourne in Australia we have Fanfickk's mesmerising new single "Summer Sun", which has been played an awful lot since we first laid ears on it back in September. Fully self-produced Fanfickk sounds like the real deal, and speaking about the new single Fanfickk says - "It's an ambiguous love song, but it's definitely a love song."

Released at the end of September as mentioned, we've spent a while now chewing this song over, and from what we can tell is that's an addictive track with lots of elements to bring you back for more.

Starting off the track we have a simplistic guitar tone backed up with almost spaced-out synths. The vocals on "Summer Sun" remind me a bit of Purity Ring, especially considering the amount of washed-out electronic elements throughout the track.

Backed-up with a B-side titled "Feel Better", the single release sounds like it has lots to offer the casual chillout fan, which ultimately will get some loyal followers. So head on down below to wrap your ears around this!