Rihards Libietis reveals instrumental track, "Transcending Parallels"

Usually, this wouldn't be our jam, however, Rihards Libietis has recently revealed a brand new instrumental track, "Transcending Parallels". Coming in at over three minutes long the lack of vocals in this track isn't one to worry about, as the instrumentation itself shines out brightly. 

The cinematic track has plenty of guitars going on, the start of the piece has some delicate and bright tones mixed in with crisp percussion. As it evolves you're welcomed to warmer tones blended in, and before the halfway mark the heavier side of Rihards Libietis' work comes into play with full force. 

The crescendo of the song isn't too far ahead, but when it comes the heavy elements fade away to leave behind a wash of synths, wallowing bright guitars in the background and a sense of mystery and wonder. If you're looking for something truly different but keeping within the realms of guitar music then look no further!