Hot Lime Canary release vibrant rock tune, "Make Me Dance"

California's Hot Lime Canary last week dropped their catchy-af new tune "Make Me Dance", but being at under three minutes this has got protentional to be a rip-roarer for the casual reader of the site.

Being also their debut single they don't have a back catalogue as of yet, but they are planning to be releasing LOTS more tracks this year, with their press release stating - "A new song coming every 2 weeks. Stay tuned" - so maybe follow them on their socials so you don't miss the drop.

As the title may suggest, this is actually a track to make you dance, however, we can see this being the perfect track to get into the mosh-pit with - downright and dirty guitar hooks and tumbling drums aplenty. Soaring vocals wrap this track up and give it that slight 90s grunge-rock vibe, but with the rock sensibilities of the 2020s

The song was produced by Joey Bradford of the Used and Tyler William-Johnson Fortney (who's worked with The Neighbourhood). With 7,000 spins since the release, on a blank canvas, this is a pretty big deal, and we've noticed it has now started getting them playlisted too - all the while helping them snowball into something big.