Lyena share frantic new single, "Boys Toys"

Strap yourselves in for Lyena's thrilling new cut, "Boys Toys". The London trio has made this track with the energy built up from the frustration of the many UK lockdowns. The new cut is their first since the 2021 single "Lucy" and it sounds like they've been saving the best bits for this song.

Speaking about the new tune the band said - " ... "Boys Toys" points the finger at the concept of British nationalism and the lost souls who are enticed into working for blind gains." - So no wonder it's an angsty track.

The fast-paced intro to the song literally grabs you by the throat from the get-go and won't let go of you until the first bridge. The chorus is equally rampant, with the listener feeling like they're right in the middle of a mosh pit in one of their live shows - oh man, imagine how off the wall crazy that would be!

There are plenty of nods to the 2010's rock culture here, with big and chunky guitars that sound cherry-picked from Arctic Monkeys' earlier albums, the thrill of Royal Blood and the commanding vocals of Frank Carter. It's just about three and a half minutes of thrilling indie-rock with lots of punch, do be sure to keep an eye on these three noisemakers.