The Collection release their big new track, "Won't Stop Yet"

The seven-piece - yes you heard that - of The Collection have just this Friday gone released their new single, "Won't Stop Yet". The band's new single is the first of 2022 and with The Collection now at a solid quarter of a million monthly listeners, it's no doubt this song will be heard by the masses!

The single sounds like it were written around the peak of Covid and doing all you can to survive, and that's easily heard in the first verse of the song. "I'm losing my attention / while the whole world dies" and "Another lockdown / stuck inside this shit town" are both lines that we can all relate to, doesn't matter how amazing where you live if you're stuck indoors for months on end it's a bit mundane.

This track is however nothing like mundane, it's a vibrant and upbeat track - even though the lyrics are a bit down. Speaking about the song vocalist David Wimbish said, "I finished the lyrics on New Years Eve, processing entering another year of Covid, shutdowns and generally feeling exhausted. All this is going on, and yet there’s something about a new year that is supposed to inspire and keep us going."

it's clear to see why The Collection have been smashing it out of the park with their music for the last few years, with expansive, upbeat and gorgeous melodies going on in every song they're rising quicker than a bun in an oven. Please head on down and smash that play button, and be sure to delve into their previous tracks as they're equally as glorious.