Tatum Quinn shares epic new single, "Sell Your Soul"

Tatum Quinn has just yesterday released her epic new single, "Sell Your Soul", which is her second studio release of the year. Tatum Quinn has had a steady rise with her previous tracks getting some attention along the way, with placements in some sizeable Spotify playlists and some pretty big support slots of the likes of Boy George and Kool & The gang amongst others.

"Sell Your Soul" is anthemic and uplifting with some huge vocals.

Having a solid fanbase within her hometown of Montreal it sounds like Tatum Quinn is aiming to rise above the rest and be a household name in Canada. "Sell Your Soul" is one of those epic and anthemic tracks that would not be out of place in a James Bond themed playlist. In fact that's what we compared her to as soon as the first play was over and done, anthemic and uplifting with huge vocals.

Speaking about hew new track she mentions - " ... "Sell Your Soul" is a song written to myself; a song that at my lowest, was all I felt I had. Having no hope I phoned my family telling them ‘that’s it for me and music…I’m done!’ not realizing the pain that was fueling this song was bringing me back around to the one thing I love & desire most…music." So be sure to keep an ye on this rising act as she's certainly got the tunes to back up her talent. so delve into "Sell Your Soul" and be sure to check out her other tracks when the track is over.