Wesson unveil anthemic debut single, "Understand"

Milton Keynes is a place in the UK that's relatively new, and as such not many bands have emerged from there, however it sounds like Weeson is looking to be the premier band from the town to break out. As soon as the tune kicks off you're introduced to their anthemic sound. It's a rushing feel as the guitars come at full force into your ears, complimented by the commanding vocals of Chris Weeson (who the band is named after) and crashing drum fills.

The whole tempo of the song sounds like it's been crated for the big festival stages and sweaty music venues. There are lots of elements in "Understand" that points to the band about to burst into the limelight and I'm sure it won't take them that long, not with tunes such as this - so head down below and sink your teeth into "Understand".