Postcard shares breezy debut single, "Don't Tell Me"

Haiden Gerstner aka Postcard released his debut single earlier on this month, titled "Don't Tell Me" it's a great slice of indie-pop with some breezy guitar moments and hazy vocal tones. Instantly at the start of the song, it reminds me of The Drums and The Smiths, with the former's guitar tones and upbeat nature being evident to hear - it's a warm and soft tone that greets you like an old friend.

All self-recorded, produced, mixed and mastered he also played all of the instruments on the song - so a true musician who knows his vision and sees it through.

Vocally I get the vibe that Haiden has listened to The Smiths and has a Morrissey for the most part, and Brian Wilson when he does the oohs and aahs in the chorus. This is such an infectious track, and sitting in at well under three minutes long it has the potential to be played over and over again without the listener getting bored.