Boxteles return with storming new single, "Relevant"

Huddersfield's very own rockers Boxteles returned with their storming new single late August, "Relevant" is that single and will certainly rock you to your core when you whack this on your speakers.

We first picked up on the band in 2020 - y'know that weird year with a lockdown or three - with their track "Be My Ray-Bans" and it sounds like they've been cooking on volcanic fire as this song is so damn frantic.

... this song is just so damn frantic. 

It sounds like Boxteles have refine their sound down perfectly with this new offering, with a bursting intro that can rival any of the big rock bands (I'm looking at you Foo Fighters) followed by by high guitar tones that sound like a Formula One car coming at you with tumbling drums that can get anyone with ears to go mad. 

Combine that all and the chorus is just pure rock anthem, expect to hear more from these four over the coming months as I'm sure lots of sites, booking agents, fans and rock fanatics will be frothing at the mouth when hearing "Relevant".