President Elect drops vibrant new tune,"Addicted"

President Elect's thumping new single "Addicted" is the first since the trio dropped their self-titled debut EP earlier on in the year. The single carries on the band's sound of charming post-punk revival guitars, brooding vocals and that vibrant sound they seem to have in abundance. 

Danceable with plenty of early 2000's indie-rock hooks to shake a stick at.

The track itself is a short but sweet affair that opens up with a hazy guitar fading in before the drums kick in and the tempo shoots up. The tones here reminds me in parts of Franz Ferdinand, and also with how the vocals come across.

"Addicted"  is the type of track I'm sure will be in their setlists for years to come, plenty of catchy hooks and danceable beats means that you will become addicted to the song (see what I did there?).With a handful of shows already done this year in and around London I'm sure that next time the trio will be performing this song will be a cornerstone of the set.