Beth Sarah unveils charming new single, "Let her go"

Just a few hours ago saw Beth Sarah release her third-ever single, "Let her go". The new offering is the latest in a line of charming songs released by the Worthing-based singer-songwriter.

Having turned 40 back in January of 2022 Beth decide to focus on making music, which was a lifetime passion of hers, and the result is this track and a charity single titled "The Trees of Ukraine".

"Let her go" is incredibly charming!

"Let her go" acts also as a bit of a tease for her fans as she's due to play on the 1st of February 2023 in her hometown. The song is very charming with soft and soulful vocals throughout and angelic tones heard backing it all up. The instrumentation is clean and crisp with the guitars especially shining brightly, we can easily see this being picked up by BBC Radio 2 as it's just beautiful.

Speaking about the song Beth mentions - "This song documents the journey from trauma to release, with the idea that I'm letting go of my past self, embracing life as it happens and looking forward to the future with hope and joy. There is a full album on its way based around this theme."

So with a debut album in the works do be sure to follow Beth on the socials and Spotify so you don't miss future releases!