Izzy Pringrey reveals stunning new single "flatline"

New York City's very own Izzy Pringreyjust a few weeks ago revealed her stunning new single "flatline", which is her third studio single of the year (and ever). The charming new single comes off the back of achieving over 40k plays on Spotify and is a great example of what Izzy is all about.

Absolutely stunning vocals.

Kicking off the proceedings is a charming guitar tone that gives me strong Radiohead vibes and of course her stunningly smooth vocals. When the chorus comes in Izzy's voice reaches its peak and it's here when you fall in love with her sound.

Speaking about her new song Izy says - " ... "flatline" is a rock song that utilizes death as an analogy for setting free anxieties or reservations about a person and finally letting them in and letting yourself fall in love - because now, the part of me that was so scared of romance for so long is dead".

The momentum Pringrey has behind herself is something to keep an eye on for sure, and with several Spotify curators picking up on her music it seems like it'll be not long before she's more known - so why not get ahead of the curve and check out her new tune now.