Belfountain reveals their latest single, "Rattle On"

Back with just his second single release is Belfountain and their powerful latest single, "Rattle On". The single comes hot off the heels of the debut cut "Give It Up" and it's certainly keeping the hype up with plenty of soaring vocal melodies.
Soaring vocal melodies and beautifully dreamy instruments woven together.
Photo by Dzesika Devic

Having been discovered via a plethora of Spotify playlists it is no wonder that the sounds of Belfountain are now taking off, and this new tune is going to add more fuel to the hype.

The dreamy nature of this track enhances it thoroughly for me and when you add in the vocals swooning on top they just elevate it. The instruments here are a slick piece of work too, ranging from synthy keyboards to more organic percussion and everything in-between.

The song has a bright undertone to it and certainly kept us hooked by the end of the first play, and even though it's over four minutes long you'd be pining for more - and if you want it be sure to head to his Spotify for a chance to hear his debut cut.