Lucy Wroe unveils her dreamy new single, "Heartbeat Wipers"

Today marks the day that Lucy Wroe unveils her dreamy new single, "Heartbeat Wipers", with it being her first outing since the 2023 single, "WAVES". Right from the very start of the song, it features Lucy's sweet vocal tones, and if I'm honest that was a key reason why we suddenly felt invested in the song.

Lucy Wroe's vocals alone can win us over, and the fact that the track is enriched with stunning instrumentation.

Speaking about the song Lucy says - "This song is about being entirely dependent on the person who knew you the most, and having to lose that part of you at the end of a relationship. It’s both the releasing of the past, and the acceptance that so much of them will always be within you."

Not long after a charming guitar loop comes in and the lo-fi sounds that flow through your ears help you ease into the song. It's when the track passes the one-minute mark the guitar becomes more organic, but still keeping that power behind it that the loop had.