Monsonic reveals the dreamy new tune, "What Holds Your Eye?"

Back with their third single of the year is Monsonic, and just last Friday saw the act reveal their dreamy new tune, "What Holds Your Eye?". The Oklahoma City-based project has released a few singles since their first back in 2018, and just last year saw an album finally get released.
... a hazy blend of psychedelic and dream-pop 

The new single, "What Holds Your Eye?", opens up with a hazy blend of psychedelic and dream-pop that brings in a lot of music lovers who love soaring shoegaze tones.

Vocally it's leaning to the likes of Slowdive and Ride, but what done it for me was the pace of the song. It's not your usual go-to shoegaze or alt-pop song, the beat is very danceable and will certainly be able to get a crowd at a live show moving their feet - especially in the choruses.

The fact that I was a lover of this on the first play is a testament to how good of an act Monsonic truly is, so if you like your alt-leaning pop then be sure to give "What Holds Your Eye?" a spin!