Moontwin share their brand new single, "Tsunamical"

The duo of Moontwin are back today and they have shared their brand new single, "Tsunamical", and right from the get-go, it's a very electronically charged slice of alt-rock. Vocally it's very dark with some tones feeling even similar to that of Grimes and Bjork, a strange blend somewhat but it really works for its song.
Dark-pop mixed with crunching electronic elements.

The band is made up of singer-songwriter Maple Bee (aka Melanie Garside) and Zac Kuzmanov, founder of alternative global radio station XRaydio.

The song is one of those dark-pop tunes that you can easily see being a bit hit when the days get shorter and the nights start drawing in earlier on in the day, the whole atmosphere of the track is a mixture of haunting betas and sizzling licks of guitars to give it some sense of urgency.

If you like the crunching sounds that "Tsunamical" has then do be sure to check out more tracks that the duo has to offer such as their previous cut, "Symbols".