Scared Of Sharks share their new single, "Stumble"

Coming out of Mogareeka in Australia is Scared Of Sharks recently the band has shared their new single, "Stumble". The new single is the quartet's third of the year already and is a great blend of several genres that I tend to go crazy for, so picture my face when I heard this for the first time. 

... they could be all over Triple J one day!

The news reporter at the start brings back memories of discovering Public Service Broadcasting at first, even down to the nature of the deep guitar tones. Within the song, there are some delightful grunge sounds to give it that dark and edgy feel to it, but with frantic enough percussion to get you moshing along to it at any given hour.

The pacing is certainly worth giving this track a chance as the nearly five-minute run time will feel like a blink once the track is finished.  With the band (and their glorious hairstyles) producing some properly under-the-radar grunge anthems be sure to keep a close eye on them as they could be all over Triple J one day!