Sugar Scars share their uplifting new tune, "Miss U"

The El Paso-based act of Sugar Scars have recently shared their uplifting new tune, "Miss U", and if you love driving drums mixed with swirls of electronics then this is certainly for you.
Crystal Castles if they had more of a dreamier sound, was rather addictive too so be warned!

Not even hanging about as soon as you hit play the track bursts in like a fire in a petrol station, it's boom here we are and let's go! The pace is there right from the get-go and the vibrant licks of guitar really add to the whole feel of the track.

Once the vocals came in I got a big hit of Crystal Castles and even a bit of Cigarettes After Sex, it's charging and yet dreamy at the same time. 

The track is lifted from the duo's debut album, with the entire album having an odd appeal that keeps you perplexed but, most importantly, thrilled. "Rhythmic Body Reflexes" is represented perfectly here with "Miss U, so if you loved this then head on to the full LP on Spotify!