Album Review... Hey Sholay - ((O))

The oddly named début album from Hey Sholay; ((O)) is a huge step in the right direction for the Indie-Pop five-some. The Sheffield band have been touring around the UK and have built up a dedicated fan-base, and ever since we were told about them we knew that one day we'd hear something fantastic, and I think now is the time.

The album opens with their signature track 'Wishbone (Wish Wish Wish)', which is a real lesson in how to create an Indie-Pop song that you can never get bored of, with all of the guitar washes, the band show why they're one for the future. The track after is their newest single, 'My Blood' is a slower track compared to the one before but the futuristic sounds in the bridge and the distorted bass in the chorus just makes this track for me. You then get treated to two fantastic tracks in a row, 'Go Easy Tiger' and 'The Bears The Clocks And The Bees', the latter track featured on their first single way back in 2011 and it hasn't lost it's appeal and I found myself loving it as much as ever! 'Go Easy Tiger' is the anthem wedged in the middle of the album, something to put on your playlists for years to come!

'Burning' was a track we got hooked onto since the day we heard it back in May of this year, once again this is a typical Hey Sholay track, the dazzling vocals combined with the background noises and the guitars draping all over it. 'Dreamboat', 'Ol' St Nick' and 'Golden Is The Colour Of The Sun (Run Rabbit)' finish off the album. I remember when I heard 'Ol' St Nick' as a demo earlier on this year, and the final version couldn't be any closer to perfection in my eyes. The album ends on the fabulous nine minute epic, the track is a long one and the title is just as long too, 'Golden Is The Colour Of The Sun (Run Rabbit)' is a great way to end what has been a great début album for the Sheffield band.

As we said back in October 2011 that they were destined for great things and it seems like they are well on the way for greatness! '((O)) is out 17th September.