Album Review... Kilto Take - Resolute

After listening to this in the early stages back in 2012, I knew that when it dropped it would be life changing, and it certainly has been in the case of lead vocalist Jon Crosby. He's been in an out of hospital for the past year and is on the road to recovery. Ramping up their gigging schedule and performing at prestigious venues up and down the country, launch plans were temporarily placed on hold as the band's frontman received unexpected transplant surgery. But now, we have the full album, and my god is it amazing! SO amazing I've done a track-by-track review!

This fast paced song is five minutes long and I can’t help when they play this live that they are all knackered from it. This is yet another long (ish) track sitting at 5minutes13seconds long and I can’t help but think this could be a great track to end a live set on as it gives the fans something to remember them by, this is typical Kilto Take, something that I love. The performance never drops below remarkable when they’re playing live and this track sounds colossal on record and I can only imagine what it would sound like live. I swear they’re going to be massive off the back off this record.

You can tell this is a long from the off, “Hopelessly I will surrender; I will give myself to you”, this is one of the best choruses I’ve ever heard, and I’m not saying that for no reason, the fast drums, the bass and the guitars in tandem with the vocals all come to one and makes me fall in love with the track. The song ends on the chorus which I just think is brilliant as the listeners would want to come back to the track again and again.

Just like the Bloc Party song of the same name this is a chilled out Indie-Rock anthem for the masses, Jon’s calm vocals are all perfect on this. With the second verse it brings more and more reasons why this band are going to be big, they know how to write songs and make them sound immense too! The vocals towards the end of the track seal the deal for me here, just outstanding!

Yet another high tempo rock track, this one has a great intro with the drums pounding a way for the guitars and vocals to assist it into making a great track. The track doesn’t drop below magnificent, this reminds me of their debut EP, ‘Retrogress’ springs to mind, but that may be down to the guitar riffs that open it. However this track is just as good thankfully and it doesn’t lose its appeal as I can also see this being a single that everyone will download!

Killing Fields:
From the off this song sounds a lot darker but it doesn’t lose its appeal one bit, the guitars come out of the shadows and brings this track to life, with a steady beat to dance to this is yet another track you could easily see people in the future to dance along to. Yes maybe not in the verses, but the chorus is amazing, I take it this song wasn’t written for dance-floors in mind but none-the-less this is one that will stick with you long after it’s been played.

This is a track every band needs, a six minute epic that what the long term fans can listen to on repeat and will love every time this is played live and on their iPods. This song reminds me of Bloc Party’s ‘Ion Square’ as it gains body towards the end of the track yet it keeps the emotion of the track in full flow.

My personal favourite right here! After seeing the ‘bootleg’ video on youtube from their performance at Islington Academy I knew when I got to hear the fully recorded version that it would be amazing. The song is easily going to be a single at some point. They’ve got the ability of creating a very original song without losing the commercial touch. This will be all over the TV when it drops, this will be one of the songs people will get to know this band by, and that’s a good thing, it’s amazing!

It entices you into their sound straight away with a brilliant riff, a tight bass and superb drumming. The vocals kick in and it only just gets better! A slow start perhaps but the momentum builds and when the chorus comes you know it is going to be a cracking one. It hits, yup, I was right, the singer cries out "Hold me, you can't deny this stuff is real", but oh it is. It's real for sure, honestly this song is just *AWESOME*

Along the same lines of Retrogress it starts off with a hook, that super riff, smooth bass and drumming all performed as tight as a drum. The effects on the guitar are brilliant here, this track is 4:30 long and I wish it was longer, I love it. Maybe not as fast as Retrogress but the chorus makes this song such an anthem for me! Easily, by far they can play one of the big festivals and people will be going crazy for it! Once again they have hit gold!

This is the darkest track I’ve listened to from them, the deep synths at the beginning of the track don’t last long but the guitars and deep bass tones keep up the gloomy outlook of the track, this all changes in the chorus as the high guitar tones gives you a sense of security. The breakdown after the 3rd chorus wins it for me, “If we lye together, we will die together” is a lyric you can see fans bellowing out in concerts every time this song is played!

So a two year wait for us has resulted in this being the most anticipated album of the whole year, and it hasn't disappointed us one bit. I really do hope this is the springboard for the band to get recognised and to fulfil their ambitions. If you're not taken by this go and see them live, they'll win you over with charm and beautiful songs. Do we ever lie?

Kilto Take - Resolute
Out of 10: 10/10

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