[GIG REVIEW] The Konincks @ Photobastei 2.0 Zürich, 22nd October 2016

The Konincks backstage at Photobastei ZH, Switzerland
A rather rad frontwoman including her three multi talented musicians. Good looking, highscore-playing and her stunning vocal-performance very much impressed me. Holy christ, what a wall of blues and old music they've created. Starting off with some new songs off their new yet untitled upcoming EP... they went in very slowly. Cards like bluesharp solos, bass-guitar solos and a beyond this universe laid-back drum solo have been played very well. Very loud (positive thing here mkay?) and probably the bluesiest rocknroll band in switzerland. I don't doubt to say they got it all. But somehow it's not true. They had some left-over Santana influences somewhere in the middle of their set. So a percussionist or such a thing would've been nice. Anyways. High-standart guitar playing and thunderbass popping strings from the blond man standing out as he was walking through the people. A very good way to connect with the audience, wich was rather lame, but what do you expect from late teen early 20's city people. The show reminded me a lot of Canned Heat's top-era with a creamy touch of Janis Joplin. It's confusing when you watch Julia Herzog, the singer of The Konincks, while she is immedeatly trying to catch you with every breath you take during her performance. She really got me... When Konincks play, they perform. Only a handful bands in switzerland consider this as a must. Most compilations of musicians who are forming somewhat of a band a more like just playing music. But what I want to see on a stage: People playing with the guitar, not a guy playing guitar. You get me, I know this. Old music is what they perform. In the new time they arrive, through pop arrangements and I was lucky enough to hang out all night and finally got dropped home by the band's van during a high capacity of 80's hits and stuff. What a lovely bunch of people. I not only dig them, I personally think you should check their debut album out wich somehow is somewhat of a still underground story in Europe's blues business.

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The Konincks Headlineshow in Zurich Live.