[LISTEN] Vant - Peace & Love

Vant are one of those bands that can't seem to release a crap song, and long may it continue! Their latest effort is "Peace & Love" and gives us a glimpse of their new album "Dumb Blood" which is out next February. It was announced yesterday and already we're excited after hearing this cut.

Speaking about the single, Matty Vant said: "We finished writing "Peace & Love" in the wake of the Paris attacks. Atrocities like these are taking place worldwide on a daily basis, but it’s only when something happens so close to home that it truly grabs the full attention of our society. We live on a planet that has forgotten what the words "Peace & Love" mean and what they stood for in the 60s and 70s. The power of the peace movement changed the world forever but our unity is starting to slip. "Peace & Love" have become throwaway words, fashion statements, cheap symbols that have lost their value. We need to reconnect with their true meaning because, more than ever, we are living in a time that really does need "Peace & Love" .. "