[LISTEN] Too Cool Kid - Sleep Me Off

Atmospheric, dark and tense - 'Sleep Me Off', the latest single from Manchester x Cambridge alt-rockers Too Cool Kid, is the glitchy, tetchy follow-up to the imperious 'Drained'.

The track slowly builds towards a spiralling climax, pulling together multiple layers of Jay Plent's weary vocals with icy NYC infused guitar lines atop whip-smart drums and bass. Continuing to promote TCK's mysterious and dark aesthetic, 'Sleep Me Off' is a fine addition to their cannon; an arsenal of songs of they begun to take to the masses, with energetic shows around the North-West and East of our fair isles.

As well as being a swell song to get your ear-holes around, the guys at TCK are making a swell gesture and allowing you to download the track for free here, as well as giving you the chance to rummage around Jay Plent's addled-mind (beware) by going over the lyrics.

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